My eyesight is so bad, I really should be declared blind.  I can’t see a thing unless it’s right in my face.  This has made for a difficult childhood and adulthood.  Especially as I became a pro wrestler and needed all my senses to work at 100% while in the ring.  Well, I guess not all of them, but especially sight, unless I wanna taste Christopher Daniels’ calves!

But, before being a pro wrestler and before being an adult, I had to deal with being a young kid with glasses.  Can you imagine how traumatic it was for me in 5th grade to come to school Monday morning with glasses the size of a coaster on my face?  Ugh.  I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this, but I tell ya, it was brutal.  Actually, it wasn’t as bad then, but it sure got worse as the years went by.  Specifically when high school hit.  I’m not sure if contacts were even an option at 5th grade, but I remember in high school, I made the switch to contacts right away.  This was an all new challenge and struggle, as now I had to stick my finger in my eye.  Now, I’m an expert at it, but I remember the first few months were very tough and I had a lot of  accidents.  I absolutely hated to see myself in glasses and still do to this day.  I feel very self conscious and quite frankly, ugly.  My confidence is usually at an all time low when I wear my glasses, so as the years went on in adulthood, I mainly stuck to contacts.  Although, I do hate to wear them when I’m traveling and I never wear them sleeping.  I remember my buddy in college not taking his contacts out for close to a month.  I can’t imagine the damage that will do to your eyes.

Now, I do get this question a lot, do you wear your contacts when you wrestle?  Absolutely!  I’ve had the misfortune of doing this once in the past, as I did not have a spare pair, and it was one of the hardest things to do.  I saw four top ropes, five bottom ropes, and a big blur of people in the crowd.  Wrestling in contacts has led me to lose a pair or two.  Most notably, the time I had to take the stinkface from Rikishi.  Yes, my contact was lost in his ass.  As big as it is, my contact may still be lodged in his ass dimples to this day.  There have been a few other times where I’ve caught an errant finger or such and lost a contact.  But, it doesn’t happen frequently.  Glasses got fashionable as the years went on and I surely did as well.  My latest glasses were a sleek, sexy, Dolce and Gabana pair.  They were so swagged out that I actually felt good about myself wearing them and wore them with confidence.  All that came to an end last week as I stepped on them to the point of no return.  One end is kinda just hanging there and this has forced me to wear my contacts ALL day.  Now, I’m sure a lot of people do that, and I’m sure those people also will complain of them getting dried up.  This is what I have to deal with until I get a new pair made.  So, why not just get lasik?  Great question, I’ve dabbled with the idea for a few years now and just can’t get myself to commit to such a permanent process.  Even if the permanent part is the best part.  I don’t know if it’s the fear of the surgery, the fear of the unknown or that I don’t want to spend a few thousand dollars.  Maybe a bit of all those.  I know many that have gotten lasik with nothing but tremendous results about the outcome and the whole surgical experience.  In the long run it’s maybe the best thing for me to do, so, anyone of you readers care to share your lasik experiences?  Please leave a comment and share your story.  Thanks for reading!