Before I get back to Germany, let me quickly tell the story of the night where Teddy and I almost got into a fist fight.  I’ll try to keep it short, but it was mid 2004 and Teddy was the hottest thing going around.  We both wrestled each other in a tag team match that afternoon in NJ, then we jet-setted to Philadelphia for CZW.  I was only scheduled to a do a run-in on Teddy, as I believe he was in a match with Adam Flash.  Although I may be wrong on that.  Anyhow, I did the run in and got on the mic to say my piece about Teddy.  I made a remark that was rather vulgar, but at CZW, that’s what needed to be done to get your point across.  After saying that I had done something sexual with his mother, Teddy retaliated with a remark aimed at my girlfriend at the time, while at the same time pointing at her sitting in the Eagle’s Nest.  This infuriated me, and when we got to the back, we had a very heated shouting match and came close to blows.  I understood Teddy’s point that I mentioned his mother, but I pointed out that his mother wasn’t in the building for the crowd to see.  Mostly, I was angry for the position that he put my girlfriend in.  She doesn’t want attention, she doesn’t want everyone turning around and looking at her.  She didn’t choose to be a part of the show, she merely wanted to enjoy the show.  Our argument cooled off and we both squashed it that night.  I mean, we had to make amends, I was meant to super-glue him shut two years later.

I was slowly getting  adjusted to being in Germany.  All the obvious differences were glaring me right in the face.  The food was first and foremost.  I’m not a big fan of the schnitzels and sausages and anything of the sort and salmon for breakfast?  No thanks.  But, one thing I quickly grew fond of was this chocolate looking peanut butter imitation.  Being hesitant at first, I figured, what the hell, let’s give it a shot.  I immediately fell in love with Nutella.  That sweet hazelnut spread became a mainstay in my home from that time out, although peanut butter still holds the throne.  I don’t eat beef and most everything that was being offered at the building and in Germany all together was beef based.  Good thing I had my trusty tuna packets in tow.  There was a period of time where I ate 2-3 cans of tuna everyday for lunch.  This is before the companies made packets or pouches.  Packets were a real life saver for me.  I hated packing those cans on the road and that in turn meant you need a can opener and draining tuna water is the yuckiest thing ever.  Thank goodness for whoever invented the tuna packet.  And now they even have different flavors.  I also did my ritual of going to McDonalds in another country while in Germany.  Everywhere I go, my goal is to go to the McDonalds and see all the different menu items they have.  It’s a fun little ritual I have, which doesn’t necessarily mean I am trying these crazy items, but I do remember Alex Shelley falling in love with some shrimp hamburger that Mickey D’s (or Mackers for my Aussie friends) offered in Japan.  Ummm, no thanks.

Monty Brown signing autographs!

So, we arrived to the building early as we had a big meet and greet during the day, so all the German fans had an opportunity to meet all the great talent that was on board for the show.  I had a blast meeting so many of my fans in Germany for the first time.  TNA was hitting popularity highs in Europe and this was a great opportunity for the fans to interact with us.  I always, always, always have my 8x10s at these functions so fans can obtain an autograph if they so choose.  Hell, all the wrestlers had em and we were all lined up.  Monty was smart and even brought a box full of his action figures.  But, Teddy Hart forgot his 8x10s.  Not only were his fans going to not have an opportunity to get a signed picture, but he would lose out on a lot of potential Euros in his pocket.  But as crafty as he is, he had the promoter send a runner to a nearby Kinkos to makes copies of a printed picture the promoter had and a mere hour later, viola!  Teddy was in business and we now were all set for the meet and greet.  Teddy is a site to see with the fans.  He is genuinely interested and will sometimes talk their ears off.  Usually, it’s the other way around. This was the first show for Andre Hain and his GWP promotion and it was rocking.  It looked incredible, with a great ring and lighting rig, not to mention a packed house of crazy, fun German wrestling fans.  There’s really nothing better than European wrestling fans.  Their enthusiasm and interest is barn none.  I had a great match with Jody Fleish and Teddy was in a very memorable match.  In mid match, he decided to climb up the lighting rig.  He was a good 12feet up and did a gorgeous moonsault off of it onto his unknowing opponents.  I guess his opponents figured he was doing something nutty when they saw those bright ass silk pants moving towards the ceiling.  They did their best to catch Teddy to prevent any injury to him, but sometimes, things just happen.  As Teddy was on his way down, his extended arm scrapped against a chair in the crowd and sliced a sizable gash down the front of his armpit up into his bicep.  I had no clue any of this had happened as I was in the showers cleaning up, but soon enough, I heard a wild Canadian voice yelling “SOMEONE GET SONJAY RIGHT NOW!  I ONLY TRUST SONJAY, SOMEONE GET ME SONJAY RIGHT NOW!!!” I just thought, “huh, what’s Teddy need with me???”  It turned out that as good as the action was in the ring, the more entertaining stuff would be in the back on this warm German night.


Seconds before Teddy would land on a chair and slice open his armpit.


Someone ran up to me saying “Teddy is calling for you, he needs you now”.  At this point I still have no idea what is going on.  What could Teddy want from me that was so important?  With Teddy, it could be anything.  I mosey on over to the room where Teddy is and I see him slowly blowing a gasket.  He’s laid out on a stretcher with his arm fully extended well above his head and there’s blood everywhere and a decent sized cut, albeit it big, it doesn’t appear all that deep.  There’s a nice German nurse who is trying her hardest to calm Teddy down and tell him that he needs stitches.  Stitches you say?!  He’s having none of it.   “I DON’T TRUST YOU, I ONLY TRUST SONJAY!  SONJAY, YOU TOLD ME HOW YOU USED SUPERGLUE BEFORE ON YOUR BODY, YOU HAVE TO SUPERGLUE ME!”    I slowly remember that earlier on our trip I did tell him the stories I covered in part 1 of this blog about how I had previously used super-glue to close up some big wounds.  So, Teddy went on yelling forever.  Well, not forever, but it sure felt like it.  I mean I heard “SOMEONE GET SONJAY DAMNIT!” for about five minutes before I was even at the scene.  So, at this point, I’ve put it all together, but I’m still digesting the fact that Teddy is yelling that he trusts ME more than a medical professional and that he wants ME to SUPERGLUE HIM.  I never thought that I would be more trusted than a medical professional when it came to ailing a hurt individual.  OK, this was beginning to escalate, so I figured I could be the voice of reason.  I tried to calmly state to Teddy that he should really let the nurse stitch him up and that would be it.  I’m not sure if he had a fear of needles or what it was, but it was apparent: stitches, NO; super-glue, YES.  Here we go again.  ”NO SONJAY, I NEED YOU TO SUPERGLUE ME!  YOU DID IT BEFORE TO YOURSELF, PLEASE HELP ME SONJAY, I ONLY TRUST YOU!”  If you have ever met Teddy, please re-read that last sentence, matter of fact, read all of Teddy’s quotes out-loud in your best Canadian/Teddy accent.  You know, just to add some authentication to the story.

BFFs. I guess I hadn’t performed surgery yet.

Teddy is a strong personality and I figured it would be best to comply with his request.  I told him I’d do it as long as I could get a pair of sanitary gloves from the nurse.  Not that big of a concession.  The nurse handed me a pair and by this time we had already sent someone out for super-glue.  Once it arrived, Dr. Dutt was in motion and I super-glued Teddy back together again.  It took a while as the cut was long, but slowly I had it all super-glued and attached.  This story doesn’t do the scene justice.  It was chaos, but Dr. Dutt was on site to calm things down.  This is my best friend Jay Lethal’s favorite story.  He’s heard it about a hundred times, but still always dies laughing every time I tell it.  I know he’ll appreciate some of the visuals I’ve added here for everyone. As you can see, Teddy and I have had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, he’s one of the most talented guys that I’ve ever met.  He’s an eccentric personality and maybe he himself was responsible for losing his WWE contract, but that’s another debate for another time.  I loved spending time with Teddy during the mid 2000s.  He was the hottest thing on the independent scene and I felt like I was seeing him every week.  Maybe that’s because I was, except for the shows he no-showed, but everyone was booking Teddy.   He was a real attraction.  Teddy was different, he was innovative and he was captivating in everything he did and said.  So, what happened to this insanely talented Hart family member?  Teddy moved to Mexico and worked full-time for AAA from 2007/08 until recently. Teddy loves pro wrestling, it’s in his blood.  He perseveres and I know that we will all see more of Teddy in the States very soon.

Myself, a German fan and Teddy. (trusty tuna packet to the left)