Dr. Dutt part 2 – blog 21

Before I get back to Germany, let me quickly tell the story of the night where Teddy and I almost got into a fist fight.  I’ll try to keep it short, but it was mid 2004 and Teddy was the hottest thing going around.  We both wrestled each other in a tag team match that [&hellip

Dr. Dutt part 1 – Blog 20

My idol growing up had a unique way of stitching himself up when he had a bad cut or gash.  He used super-glue.  Sounds strange, but it really does work.  There even is a medical grade super-glue that is specifically made for the skin.  But, when that’s not handy, plain ol super that anyone can [&hellip

I almost died on my honeymoon – Blog 19

I almost died on my honeymoon. Well, maybe not exactly, but I sure felt like I was gonna die.  I blame my wife.  But, maybe part of the blame lies with me? Growing up, I loved sports and I loved anything athletic.  Except one thing, swimming.  Here’s a confession.  As a 30 year old man, [&hellip