Nicky Benz!
Italy pt 2 – Blog 15

It seemed that CZW wasn’t the only show going on that night, as we were just another act in a Martial Arts day in Parma.  Our show was held in what seemed to be a very large warehouse of some sorts, blocked off in many different sections.  There was a karate exhibition, an MMA exhibition, [&hellip

Italy pt 1 – Blog 14

“HEY HOW MUCH IS THIS SUIT WORTH??  OR THIS WATCH??  HUH?!  MAYBE I’LL GET SOME MONEY FOR THIS SHIT!”  Then BAM, Zandig slapped this little Italian man in a business suit. What the hell did I just witness???Let’s rewind a little.   CZW, a small independent wrestling company based in Philadelphia was making huge waves [&hellip

The Shoe Game – Blog 13

A shoe that features rubber shackles attached above it?! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this new shoe that Adidas was set to release.  Of course, this was another from the Jeremy Scott collection.  If you aren’t familiar with Jeremy Scott, he’s a popular designer who has developed some of the wackiest and [&hellip

Hustle Media – Blog 12

I hope you all enjoyed the HUSTLE blog.  I found a lot of the old programs that I was lucky enough to obtain during my HUSTLE days and thought it would be a great idea to put together a little video for everyone to check out these super cool pieces of HUSTLE memorabilia.  So, sit [&hellip

Sabu Media – Blog 11

I’m not big on collecting things (although I was very into baseball cards growing up and still have my collection, which is really extensive.  Sadly it’s mostly 80s and 90s which was so mass produced, that even the really good stuff I still have isn’t worth much) or action figures or anything of the sort, [&hellip

Happy Fathers Day – Blog 10

My daughter was maybe a mere eight months when I had her over to my parents house.  This is their first grandchild and if my daughter could move in with them, it would make them the happiest people on Earth.  They probably love her more than they love me at this point. As I set [&hellip

3, 2, 1, Hustle Hustle – Blog 9

I knew there was absolutely no chance in hell that I would make my flight.  Unless I could go back in time, my flight would be off and in the air by the time I got to the airport.  It also just happened to be the morning of a live pay-per-view event. This was the [&hellip

Sabu – Blog 8

“Hailing from Bombay, India.  This is SABUUUUUUUUUU” As the ring introduction faded, I thought, huh?  India!?  As a 14 year old Indian wrestling fanatic, this was the first time I had heard of an Indian wrestler.  After watching his match, I knew one thing; I wanted more of the man they called Sabu.Fast forward many [&hellip

Echoes of the Ring – Blog 7

Please check out this following trailer for the a brand new project titled Echoes of the Ring.  It is set to debut in 2013 and I believe will be a hit among both wrestling and non-wrestling fans.  I’ve been a part of many new projects over the years and worked with many different individuals.  I [&hellip

Arab Summer pt.3 – Blog 6

Sitting in the lobby of the Golf resort, not knowing what was going on was as frustrating as anything you could imagine.  Ali wasn’t around and the whole roster was sitting around waiting for some word of what was going on.  We had a lot of questions and frustrations were mounting.  More specifically, we were [&hellip