July 4th is huge day in America.  Naturally, it’s independence day, it’s America’s birthday, it’s a day to celebrate and unwind.  But, July 1st is also a day that has similar meaning to our Canadian friends above.  It’s the day they celebrate their birthday as well, as in 1867, three colonies were united to form [&hellip

Monday Morning in Moscow part 2 – blog 29

Before I get into part 2 of this particular blog recapping my trip to Russia, I want to apologize.  I never intended for there to be such a gap in between these blogs, but life happens.  With a full time schedule on the road and at home, due to being a father and husband, my [&hellip

Monday Morning in Moscow part 1 – blog 28

I love YouTube.  It’s quite possibly the greatest invention since AOL instant message.  Specifically I love dash-cam footage of drunk idiots trying to walk a straight line, crazy chases and of course, insane car crashes.  These dash-cam crashes are so prevalent on YouTube, they need their own section.  The more and more I would see [&hellip

photo 2
On the road part 2 – blog 27

It was set to be a very busy weekend, we had to drive 11 hours to Indiana to wrestle for Ian Rotten’s IWA Mid-South and immediately after we were done, we would hit the road again.  Instead of heading back home, we had to drive another 12 hours to Delaware to wrestle for CZW.  We [&hellip

On the road part 1 – blog 26

Long drives are a huge part of pro wrestling.  Whenever I run my seminars across the globe, a lot of young wrestlers ask me “what can I do to get my name out there?”  My answer is always the same; get in your car and start driving.  That’s one of the biggest ways to get [&hellip

Sabin – blog 25

Pro wrestling produces many talented individuals.  They come and they go.  Very rarely does one stand the test of time and last a lifetime in such a physically and mentally challenging business.  There’s a myriad of reasons one leaves, whether it be by choice or by force.  Either way, anyone that enters pro wrestling will [&hellip

Eyes – blog 24

My eyesight is so bad, I really should be declared blind.  I can’t see a thing unless it’s right in my face.  This has made for a difficult childhood and adulthood.  Especially as I became a pro wrestler and needed all my senses to work at 100% while in the ring.  Well, I guess not [&hellip

Cage of Death 6 part 2 – blog 23

It was sometime in the spring of 2004, a few months removed from the night that we started the stolen belt storyline.  I came to Zandig with the idea that the thief should ultimately be M-Dogg 20.  For all the personal feelings that Zandig had for Matt and the entire situation of him leaving, Zandig [&hellip

Cage of Death 6 part 1- blog 22

There’s a few questions that every wrestler, including myself, gets asked in every interview and by every fan that we encounter.  One of those is, “what is your favorite match that you have been involved in?” For me, that’s kinda easy, but kinda hard to answer.  I don’t have a favorite match, let alone favorite [&hellip

Dr. Dutt part 2 – blog 21

Before I get back to Germany, let me quickly tell the story of the night where Teddy and I almost got into a fist fight.  I’ll try to keep it short, but it was mid 2004 and Teddy was the hottest thing going around.  We both wrestled each other in a tag team match that [&hellip

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